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A Chu-Shr is a colored line/fabric work which is hung from Heaven to Earth (ceiling to floor) according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui tradition. The top color of the Chu-Shr corresponds with one of the eight sides/areas of the bagua, representing the aspirations or life situations of human beings. It is derived from The Book of Changes (I Ching). By hanging a Chu-Shr in the proper area of the room, intention is kept in the spiritual energy of the environment. The lower strands of the Chu-Shr help manifest forthcoming good by intensifying our focus and keeping us alert to possibilities in the following areas: Career (Black), Knowledge (Black/Blue/Green), Family/Health (Green), Wealth/Prosperity (Blue/Purple/Red), Fame (Red), Romance/Marriage (Red/Pink/White), Creativity/Children (White), and Helpful People/Travel (White/Gray/Black).

The series of Chu-Shr fabric hangings on the right are based on the eight Feng Shui Bagua traditions in union with the Caribbean Taino Indian cultural symbols and zemis. These cross-cultural art pieces are created to empower intention in life. They are as follows: Aco—Knowledge, Legends—Fame, Mata Mata—Career, Coa—Helpful People, Atabey & Guayaba — Relationships, Guaiza—Family, Bayonel—Prosperity, and Kofi—Creativity.  Each flag is 12 inches wide and  approximately 18 inches long. The reproductions are sub dye printed on poly duck fabric.

The largest image below is The Wedding Bower Chu-Shr (click to see detail). This hanging fabric piece has an inner core of silk habutae and an outer core of silk chiffon. The images are of butterflies and dragonflies, common symbols of change; the color relates to the first chakra, passion, and fire. The Wedding Bower Chu-Shr comes with all eight color strands. It is an interactive piece, a perfect wedding gift or decorative installation for a wedding. It is a commissioned work. Allow four weeks for delivery.

(Click on the image for further cultural references and larger images)

[video] "The Wedding Bower Chu-Shr"
[video] "Feng Shui Chu-Shr Installation"

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