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labyrinth batik The Taino Labyrinth for Change combines the meteorologist's hurricane symbol and Tao-Tao, the Taino mythic character of gentle rain, fertility, and prosperity. After the storm, one is poised for new direction and prosperous times. Prosperity comes through the fertility of your creative endeavors. Walk your path of change each day, offering up your talents, wearing your intention through this fine jewelry line created by Caribbean artist Cindy Male of Cindy Male Art and Yoga Studios, St. Croix. USVI. gold labyrinth bracelet
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silver tao-tao earrings
silver taino pendant
gold and silver bracelet  

For jewelry, mail all inquiries to:
[ Cindy Male Studio ]

P.O. Box 5181
Kingshill, St. Croix, USVI 00851-5181

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